Learning Style: RLS

STEM Prep is a program focused on STEM: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. The STEM Prep Program is intended to prepare people for either college training programs or immediate entry into the Energy field or the Health field. As both the Energy and Health fields have lots of science, technology, engineering and math involved this is a great combination for people who want to learn new skills so they can change their careers. 

The individual student will choose if they want to complete the Health Lab or the Energy Lab. At the completion of all the required work, a student will earn a STEM Prep Certificate. A student can choose to complete both the Energy and Health Labs.

Each site will have an Energy Lab and a Science Lab. Both of these labs will be set up with Rapid Learning Stations (RLS). An RLS is a hands-on lab that has math and communications mixed into the procedures. There will be 8 RLS in each the Energy and Health Labs. In both the Energy and Health Labs, the RLS will focus on Mechanical, Electrical, Fluid, and Thermal principles.

Most students like to work at their own pace and all of the labs have been designed to allow the students to do so. Each Lab will have a Coach present to help when a student needs help. This is a self-paced program to meet the pace of the individual student.


    Each student who participates in the STEM Prep Program will also complete a HAP Training. This is 16 hours training from Human Accelerated Performance. HAP Training provides work place skills to improve the student’s ability to deal with stressful work situations and to more effectively understand communications in the workplace. You can learn more about HAP at www.haptraining.com Interest.